Financing and Funding

Greenlight, helping Canadian corporations realise their full potential. Intelligent business solutions applied to a variety of transactions. We can assist in selling your company, deliver financing for growth strategies, offer due diligence on impending corporate maneuvers, prepare for merger and acquisition transitions.

Tailored to your specific needs, we illustrate innovative and effective corporate finance solutions.  

Experience, expertise and integrity, the Greenlight team can enhance any transaction. Respecting your uniqueness, we deliver customized strategies to help you advance, then achieve, your business goals.

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Government Grants / SR&ED

Are you developing a new product/system/process? Perhaps, you are enhancing an existing product/system/process by means of technological advancement? Do you find yourself facing technical challenges which require an iterative process to overcome?

Further your technical investigations with an SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) CRA refund of up to 65% of the total expenses incurred during the process of investigation.  

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Commercial Loans

Every business has a unique set of financing requirements. Flexible, convenient, without the need to reapply, a line of credit is a borrowing option which offers 'on tap' financing. Our commercial lines of credit are perfect for covering day-to-day operating costs or pursuing a unique and time-sensitive business opportunity.

Conversely, a loan is best suited for larger, one-time, corporate expenditures. Enhancing your financial planning portfolio with the flexibility to successfully manage both business and cash flow, our commercial loans are offered with a wide range of terms and payment options.

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Payroll Advancements on SR&ED

No longer must you wait 12 - 18 months to acquire SR&ED cash benefits.

Leveraging your, already approved, SR&ED claim we offer our clients an immediate advance up to 50% of payroll costs directly attributed to advancing your investigative activities.  

Receive research and development funding, in real time, when it most benefits your corporate vision.

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Blockchain, ICO Ventures Cryptocurrency Financing

Cryptocurrency has opened up a new world in the financial sector. What was once the sole domain of banking institutions, namely the borrowing and lending of capital, is now an open and competitive marketplace.

While, in the fiat currency sector, peer-to-peer borrowing and lending has developed in recent years, in the cryptocurrency space, it is only recently corporations have been using innovation to replicate historic funding vehicles. 

With innovation as the Hallmark, Greenlight enables financial business products like: stocks, bonds, venture capital and the private equity needed to migrate to the blockchain.
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