Our Valued Customers

We are inspired by you which motivates us to excel each day in everything we do

Each Team Green member acknowledges, it is you, the people we serve, which motivate & inspire us to excel in our daily business activities. Our diverse clientele range from mom and pop manufacturers, serving our local communities, to global corporate operations, greatly impacting the landscape of Canadian business.Operational size, small or large, means nothing to us. Representing all customers alike, we resolutely commit to the same high level of service. With uncompromising ingenuity, innovation and tenacity, we strive to exceed your expectations. Looking to earn your respect, we represent ourselves in a professional, courteous and thoughtful manner. The Greenlight team wish to offer our heartfelt thank you to each client who has given us their trust, friendship and loyalty over the years. You have contributed greatly to our growth, substance and sense of pride. With a penchant to serve, we consider ourselves fortunate to represent your business, financial or innovative passions. 

Our Stellar Reputation

Be it within our local community or abroad, our team takes great pride in long-standing, positive, relations with; clientele, government agencies, investors and industry organisations. 

We Constantly Innovate

Just like you, our corporation strives toward innovation. The unique, cloud based, 'SR&EDder' tracking platform enables the gathering of essential SR&ED data in real time.  

Efficiency and Accuracy

Time is money! Performance counts! We continually challenge our staff to remember a simple philosophy; if you have a job... do it once, do it right, leave with a smile.